A remote desktop you might actually use

A free service called Parsec not only makes it easy to remotely access your Windows desktop it's GPU accelerated too.

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I’ve tried multiple times in the last two decades to use personal remote desktop technology. I always hated it. Compared to corporate remote Windows VDI options like Citrix, these small businesses or consumer solutions offer a terrible experience and lack proper security controls. While I see that Parsec supports MFA, that’s only for the web console. There is no MFA to the endpoint.

The last client I worked for had Citrix Windows VDI with MFA managed from their data centres. I loved it because I could choose to work from any VDI workstations at the office (New York City or New Jersey) or via the Citrix VDI client from my iMac at home (two remote workdays a week) while travelling using my wife’s MacBook, or from my iPad while sitting in a pub. Admittedly, the iPad experience was not ideal, but the point is I had flexibility.