A socially distanced adventure in Moab

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Tobias, this post is beautiful. Textually, it’s perfect. Photographically, the images are so wonderfully consistent! Well done. Thank you for sharing your adventures and travels. It sounds like an unforgettable adventure.


Welcome aboard! I really appreciate your kind words. Moab has always held a special place in my heart ever since we first visited it 4 years ago. This was our first real vacation in a couple of years. It was nice to focus on hiking and photography, even if it meant getting up at the crack of dawn and hiking until dusk.

Most of my photos from this trip were processed using Mastin Lab’s film emulation presets. I usually like to stick with one or two presets for a given shoot to keep things consistent. If I recall correctly all shots from this trip were processed using Mastin’s Ektar 100 and Fuji Superia 400 presets.

I hope to get the film from this trip back early next week.

Absolutely gorgeous images. I have only been west of the Mississippi 2X, once to California, in Colorado for a ski trip and to Arizona. On the trip to Arizona I left the wind up spool of my Leica M3 home and had to buy a Sony digital camera, sold it when I got home. The scenes on the way to and in Sedona were reminiscent of these gorgeous sites.

This was our second time visiting Moab. We’d visited once before in 2016. It is a gorgeous place and one that will always hold a special place in my heart. The same can be said of Arizona and the Navajo Nation, where I spent a 3 weeks with documentary troop the summer after graduating from college.

Sadly, I’ve never had the pleasure of visiting Sedona. I’ll have to add it to our bucket list.

Leaving a critical piece of hardware at home is always a gut wrenching feeling, especially if you discover your mistake when you’re already far from home. I remember forgetting to pack my Camera’s charger during a trip New Orleans in 2017.

My worst mistake was forgetting my film in the fridge on this latest trip. Thankfully we discovered two packs of heavily discounted Kodak Ultramax 400 at a Walgreens in Grand Junction, CO. The funniest bit is I barely touched my film camera and my fiancé Niecie ended up shooting most of the film.

Ah camera mistakes. I could write a novel! The worst two are shooting a rangefinder with the lens cap on (latest time, last week), and worst of all, shooting an entire roll of film only to find the roll is in the camera bag and not the camera! Another big issue for me is not knowing what film I have in a camera. I try to remember to put a piece of gaffer tape on the body with the film stock scratched on but I am absent minded beyond words. Thank god for the latitude of film!