Be wary of cheap hard drives and SSDs

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When it comes to storage, I avoid going cheap. I may be over paying but I tend to buy my external drives from OWC and I have a redundant backup system in place that includes on-prem and remote backups.

At the drive sizes I use, an external SSD is not in my budget.

I hear you. Spinning rust is the only economical storage medium for the amount of data I generate each year too. Thank goodness for gigabit fiber or off-site backups wouldn’t be feasible.

What are you using for your remote backups? I’m using Backblaze.
For on-prem I’m looking to move to a NAS later this year. Given my requirements, I’m debating building versus buying. Lots of control and flexibility with building, but I know that once I start using it, I’m not going to want to touch or change anything.

For SSDs I’ve found that 1TB PCIe 3x4 NVMe are really the sweet spot right now for price to performance. Right around 10 cents per gigabyte. Good reliability too if you’re not looking for long term storage.

For this post none of the storage is being used to store anything that can’t be replaced or isn’t backed up elsewhere. For mission critical stuff I tend to go overboard. It’s the reason I’m such a big fan of 4TB HGST enterprise drives like the ones in G-Technology’s G-Drives. Backblaze called them among the most reliable drives out there when they were already old in 2015, and they’re still running reliably in their data centers 6 years later.

Thanks for reading Khurt.

I have documented my process and technology here: A photography back up strategy to avoid saying “I lost my photos!” on Island in the Net

CrashPlan and BackBlaze are similar but CrashPlan one thing that BackBlaze does not. I configured CrashPlan to make a local backup to an external hard drive. It also backups to the CrashPlan cloud. And if I configure a computer with a hard-drive at my brother-in-laws house, I can configure CrashPlan to make a back-up there as well. Encrypted of course.

I used G-Drives in the past but … the damn things are too loud. I can’t stand fan noise of any kind, not even from my HVAC. :crazy_face: I replaced all the G-Drives with slower but quiet drives.

G-Drives use HGST enterprise drives which I have to admit are not at all quiet.