Early Adventures in Caffenol, B&W Film Development

Developing film with coffee? It's certainly a weird idea, but as strange as it might sound, it actually works pretty well.

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Great caffenol developed prints, do you remember which camera(s) you were using for this? I remember we had collected several old box and bellows cameras from antique stores. Are you thinking of doing this again?

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Most of the photos were taken on Fomapan 400 in an Argus C3. If I recall correctly we found the Argus at an antique shop on Superior Street in Duluth. I forget the name of the place. The photos of the car and Adventure Zone toward the beginning of the post were shot on Kodak 400TX 120 in a Diana F+ toy camera.

Left: Argus C3 Right: Diana F+

As for developing film, I often think about developing black and white film again, since you don’t have to worry about temperatures nearly as much. The bigger challenge will be scanning the negatives. Quality scanners are quite expensive and slow (sometimes taking several minutes per negative).

For now, I’ll continue sending my film to The Darkroom. If I start shooting a lot of black and white film again, maybe I’ll reconsider.

Hi, nice images. A good developer for BW is Diafine. It is not sensitive to temperature variations, works well with TriX.

Thanks for the awesome advice. I’ve got my eye on a new Paterson tank, and I’ll have to see if my local lab has any Diafine in stock.

My next couple of roll reviews will be on black and white stocks. It might be fun to try developing a few rolls my self if only to make sure I haven’t lost my touch.

Diafine is usually not available in camera stores. I get it on Amazon. I have generally been using HC 110 because it lasts a long time, I keep it in a mason jar. I have a supply of Diafine ordered from Amazon.