Fuji Pro 400H — 35mm film review

Fuji Pro 400H is a lovely professional film stock that is prized for its classic Fuji colors, breathtaking skin tones and wide dynamic range. But unlike the film stocks I've looked at so far, it is also technically the most modern.

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I shot Pro 400H for the first time in October of this year.

I like even compared to a Fuji Film Simulation version: https://islandinthenet.com/fujicolor-pro-400h-film-simulation/

Thanks for sharing Khürt. I’ve been meaning to get around to comparing film to simulation/emulation. I frequently process my digital images using Mastin Lab’s film presets for Lightroom, and I also have access to VSCO’s presets as well. I can tell I’m not the only one who thought the comparison was a good idea.

I think film simulations and presets are the only way most of us will shoots Fuji Pro 400H in the future. The film is discontinued and the prices online for a 36 exposure roll of 35mm film are insane.