Giving thanks for my most dedicated photographic subjects

In the spirit of the holiday, I'm giving thanks for my most dedicated models.

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What a wonderful and beautiful Thanksgiving Day present. Love the photos and the subjects, all have a special place in my heart. Someday soon, we’ll be able to get together in person, but for now this is a special treat. Thank you.

Love all of you,

Glad you enjoyed the post. I’m looking forward to adding more family to next year’s post. I’m actually thinking about doing a portrait series of the family as we make our rounds. That is after the vaccine becomes readily available. I miss Duluth terribly. Have fun out here.

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Such a lovely post and I am sure the family are grateful for you too.

Some advice, having a fiance for 10 years suggests it’s time to tie the knot :wink:

I’m a bit late but all the best for Thanksgiving.

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Hey Keith, you’re not wrong about it being time to tie the knot. We had been planning a small wedding for this past summer, but when the pandemic hit, those plans were scrapped for our family’s safety. We met in high school, and I managed to drag Niecie off to college. We’ve been together ever since. Personally, I’m glad we took the long road to marriage. We’ve done a lot of growing up together these past few years.

We’re hopeful for a late summer wedding in 2021, but it will depend heavily on the availability of a vaccine.

I know Thanksgiving is an American holiday, but I believe that you celebrate something similar in the UK. Harvest Festival, perhaps? Whatever excuse you have for celebrating family over a large meal, I hope you were able to enjoy it despite lock downs and the sort. Best wishes!

Shanice, Toro, Gamgee and Tigris are excellent subjects. I hope you will reward them with lots of holiday presents. :smiley:

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving.

Most definitely. Since we can’t be together this holiday season, I am doing what I can to make it as special as I can this holiday season. I hope you and your family are finding some time to enjoy the holidays even if it means talking with them through a screen.