Kodak Ektachrome 100 Sample Gallery

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I’m curious about the lighting conditions and shutter and aperture. I think that information is important when evaluating a 35 film stick.

This is an interesting idea. Because no exif data is recorded when I take the photos, I’d have to take more frequent notes during each shoot. It’s probably not practical to do this for every photography, but I’ll try to provide more insights into my camera settings in future reviews.

What I can do thanks to the EOS-1’s excellent light meter is provide insights into when I’m over or under exposing in stops of light. Since every light situation is a little different, I’d think this would be more useful. If you think this would be useful as well, I’ll added a post explaining what stops of light are and why they’re useful to my editorial calendar, since not everyone is familiar with the concept.

Thanks for your support @khurtwilliams!

I’ve tried using apps to log the data but quite often I forget a frame here or there and lose track.

I’ve had the best luck with small Fieldnotes Books. But it’s still challenging to stay on top of.